Brinjal or Chinese Eggplant Chutney – spicy dip

Brinjal Chutney

Never heard of a brinjal? Don’t worry. That’s what the ‘Chinese eggplant’ is called in the Indian subcontinent. There are several strains of this from small round brinjals to those which are known as the Chinese eggplant in the US. Different styles of cooking about and every state and region in India swears by their local style as being the best.

Regardless, this vegetable is loved throughout the land. To keep things simple let us take it slow. And start with ONE brinjal. How does it look? See below…

Photo by Charles on Unsplash - A brinjal
A Brinjal or Chinese Eggplant as it’s known elsewhere

Now that we know how this looks like – let’s get on with the project. A Chutney is like a dip – like Guacamole or Baba Ganoush or Queso or like a condiment times 100,000.

Usually made of fresh vegetables, or parts of a vegetable that are not used in a regular dish, the leftover parts are usually sauteed and mixed with red or green chillies – maybe some garlic and ground to a coarse or smooth paste and served as a dip. Zero Waste, anybody? Efficient use of all the vegetables and it’s tasty with a zing!

I found a lone Brinjal which was left out of a main dish – so I decided to put it to good use.

The pictures below show the ingredients and the preparation – no recipe really necessary – you can change the main vegetable – leave out the onions – add a few squeezes of lime at the end, increase or decrease the number of Chillies you add – you get the idea. Make it to match your tastes. Let’s see what I did.

Now, being the good stewards of cooking that we are, we cannot serve anything without a nice garnish – something which will add some pizazz to the dish. Ok, No Jazz hands needed we will add some jazz in the garnish.

Putting it together…Transfer the pureed chutney into a serving dish and add the garnish to the top. Here are some different points of view.

Serve on rice, or just as a dip with organic tortilla chips or however you want. You can even use this as a nice smear (Schmear?) on bread for a nice panini – the choices are limitless. Enjoy! Don’t forget to let me know how it came out. Baba Ganoush? Already left the town, can’t handle this competition. (Sorry)

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