Here is my first post!

This is a sample post we are writing to demonstrate how it will look like. I simply started writing this out and once I reach the end of the sentence, I will hit enter.

Now I automatically, started writing another ‘block’. If I need to add a new type of ‘block’, I need to click the + sign which appears to the right – after I stop hit enter.

This is how it should look! You can Update the caption here as well!

What if I want more images in here?

I selected Paragraph as the style after hitting enter after the last sentence.

Click the + sign again look for image – and select – you guessed it – Tiled Gallery.

Pro-tip – The order in which you select the images from the Media Gallery is the same way it will add to the Tiled Gallery!

Yes, I don’t know how to make the last one larger instead of the first! Find out and share with us đŸ˜‰

That’s all for today!

When you view this – you will see there will be social media icons shown below – which will let a viewer share this post in those social media platforms.

Don’t feel shy about sharing your posts with your friends!

Happy Blogging!

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