Potatoes-Beans-Tomatoes-Like Never Before!

You may have had potatoes with tomatoes, or tomatoes with potatoes or beans and tomatoes; we are going to mix all three – aaloo (potato) + rajma (red beans – but in this recipe we are using Pinto and Black beans) + tamatar (roma canned tomatoes) + of course the secret ingredients which go into every ‘ desi curry’.

And now, we wait. After 10 minutes, (actually it will pressure cook it for 10 minutes after it heats up enough for that so the time will be more) it will start cooling down (make sure you hit cancel when done or it will try and keep it warm) – wait about 5 minutes and gently turn the pressure valve slightly towards venting. Doing this suddenly can have a lot of pressure escaping suddenly and this is not adviced, can cause burns. Let it (steam) escape slowly till the silver button thingy drops down.

Then open it and check if the potatoes are well cooked. They will retain shape but may need to be cooked some more. Add in the beans now, and set pressure cook for 5 more minutes.

5 more minutes of pressure cooking please!

Once the 5 minute pressure cooking is done – AND the pressure is naturally gone – the steel button will go down – then open and check the potatoes. Now this is not a perfectly timed endeavor – since different potatoes have different cook times. If the potatoes seems a little resistant – add a couple more minutes to it. We want perfectly cooked potatoes – ok if a little mushy too – this will make the sauce/curry more creamy.

Here is what I got after the above travails!

Done and done!

Serve this heavenly concoction over rice or with tortillas (warm and toasty of course) – or just as a hearty soup. Check for salt and if too salty or spicy – add some lemon/lime juice to adjust the taste.


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