Purple and Regular Cabbage Side/Main Dish

Cabbage. Literally most of European cuisine has a lot of dishes with this cruciferous vegetable. Let’s see how it’s raised to a fine tasty dish in different areas in Southern India.

To change things up – we chose purple and regular (almost white/green) organic cabbage.

Chop the onions, add some oil, heat it up, add some cumin, mustard and when they are popping add some Yellow split peas/yellow lentils to add some crunch. And if you have curry leaves throw them in. Then add the onions.

Add the chopped Purple Cabbage (thinly sliced). Saute well. Add some garlic salt.

Then Add the regular cabbage (thinly sliced) to add some contrast to the color. Add some more garlic salt.

Mix and saute a little more. Let it simmer for a few. Serve with Rice or whatever or as a side.

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