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Assam – Kaziranga National Park – The hotel

We stayed in the most eclectic, authentic hotel/resort when in Kaziranga National forest. Not for the regular tourist. This is for someone who wants the real experience

The Hotel in Kaziranga National Forest

BTW this is part 2 of 4 posts

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Read more about this park and how they did wonders in conserving the indigenous Asian Rhino population which almost went extinct because of poaching. They are now thriving, thanks to incredible efforts of the forest service and forest guards.

We saw so many villages and dense vegetation, I thought we are still not at the national park. It was a beautiful, scenic drive like all of it. My friend told me that these villages existed well before the area was designated as a protected national park/reserve and allowed to remain.

There were a few choices or resorts/hotels to stay in the park. The newer options were fancier with swimming pools and air conditioning, and restaurants and liquor :).

We stayed at a non commercial rustic built from scratch for an authentic experience; read – no air conditioning. Buildings have locally sourced wood including floor and furniture all done on site.

This was a labor of love for the owner who does not care about making money first. It’s easy to miss the small sign – the only indication that something existed in the tiny dirt road and you will never see it with all the trees surrounding it.

Where we stayed – Wild Grass Lodge

Popular only by word of mouth, this hotel is popular for visitors from all over the world especially bird watchers – birds here have a rich diverse and plentiful population.

They serve a hot dinner. The menu is simply dinner, served course by course with locally sourced in season vegetables and chicken dishes. Traditional, authentic – true to the local cuisine. Great service, subtle, respectful and quiet place.

Did you know that most of the reeds used in those wicker furniture you get in almost all of India – come from Assam? Mostly woven in Assam, too.

The next morning we were alerted that there had been sightings of a small herd of Rhino’s in an area of the park. So we got going….

BTW this is part 2 of 4 posts

#1 Assam & Meghalaya | #2 See Hotel in Kaziranga | #3 The Nationl Park | #4 A tea Garden

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