Yes, Festivals of India.

There are a LOT of festivals in India.

This site seeks to demystify Indian customs and culture for anyone who wants to learn more. Hopefully, you find the content interesting, educational and find answers to questions you had, but never asked.


Image at the top – Photo by sudarshan poojary on Unsplash

(Learn more about the festival the above picture is about – Vinayaka Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi – and when it’s Celebrated)

Some of the major Festivals do get an official holiday for Indians. Banks and government offices get more holidays to observe these festivals. Schools also get a bunch of holidays. But businesses are mostly always open!

Some of these major festivals which are not commonly celebrated elsewhere in the world will be covered. (Rather, attempts will be made :P)

Indian Festival
Festival in Southern India – Specifics unknown

( Photo by Nandu Menon on Unsplash)

To really find out more about all of them please visit this site – they cover a LOT of festivals/holidays and the dates; not just from India but everywhere in the world.

Are there New Year Festivals too?

Oh Yes! There are many New Year Festivals celebrated throughout the Indian subcontinent. These tend to be like a spring harvest festival usually and based on the language of the region and their regional calendar.

Learn more about several of these new year festivals.