Assam Shillong Travel

Assam & Meghalaya

These are my reports from traveling through Assam and Meghalaya

Guwahati to Shillong by road

#1 Assam & Meghalaya | #2 See Hotel in Kaziranga | #3 The National Park | #4 A tea Garden

Stopped for a late lunch at a roadside diner/restaurant. Never seen so many fancy bikes in one place before!

And so would the rest of the views and experiences on the trip.

Almost in Meghalaya! The island and the mountains afar are in Assam.

Stayed in a quaint little bed and breakfast, close to the city’s center – in Shillong for the night.

Temperatures (this was in April) were 86F in Guwahati, dropped to the low 70s when we got to Shillong towards the evening. We walked around the city center ordered some chinese food. And went back to the bed and breakfast. The temperatures dropped to low 50s rapidly at night. We left around 9 after some breakfast.

One must visit and experience India’s Lush Green Northeast, and see what they have been missing. The secret jewel in India’s crown.

– me

Then it was off to see the highest waterfall in India. Chirapunjee used to be THE place with highest rainfall in the WORLD. See the waterfall below, it’s so high – the WATER does not reach the bottom. It becomes mist.

That was Shillong…Then we drove to the other crown Jewel of the NorthEast, Kaziranga National Park. If you have never heard of it, well you missed out a lot of info, click here to learn more. Watch out for the next post detailing my outing there….

#1 Assam & Meghalaya | #2 See Hotel in Kaziranga | #3 The National Park | #4 A tea Garden

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